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I will support efforts that are designed to improve the direction of education in New Mexico upward from the bottom national ranks. I will support key legislation that puts children first and enhance the recruitment of teachers and staff with competitive benefits and salaries. By removing barriers, early childhood intervention educational programs is a good start and foundation that will set our children up for success. 

A Path to Opportunity
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The Sanctity of Life and Health Care

I will seek to educate the public and build pro-life support and values throughout New Mexico in order to protect the sanctity of all life.

Endorsed by the New Mexico Right to Life

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I will build relationships across party lines to ensure the health and security of all New Mexicans. Our criminal justice system, the courts and prisons, need adequate funding along with access to mental healthcare/treatment facilities. I will seek to unify local law enforcement agencies to work collaboratively with the New Mexico State police, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Homeland Security, DEA, and FBI to curb our high crime rate.

Farming and Ranching

I will work for mutually beneficial solutions that respect and honor the rich history and the continued importance of farming and ranching in our state. Agriculture is a vital industry that requires greater support and fewer regulations, maximizing flexibility and stability, free of artificially imposed regulatory barriers.


Utilizing the abundant resources of New Mexico, we need to create a ‘Path of Opportunity’ for Dona Ana County, attracting new businesses while supporting entrepreneurship and quality jobs that help every single person – unemployed, under-employed, or struggling to make ends meet – secure jobs that pay life-sustaining wages. A thriving local economy means self-reliance and independence. We need to allow local citizens to do what is best for their businesses. A Path of Opportunity empowers them to be less dependent on government.