District 33 needs a fresh, common-sense voice able to stand firm, yet able to reach across the table. Families, young and old, deserve safe streets, quality education, and the best healthcare facilities. I will seek sound fiscal responsibility and oppose tax increases. We need to create a ‘Path of Opportunity’ to Dona Ana County, attracting new businesses while supporting entrepreneurship and quality jobs.  I will work for mutually beneficial solutions that respect the rich history and importance of farming and agriculture in our state. We must help promote, not hinder, our energy resources, such as oil and gas.  I will fight hard to help put Dona Ana County back on the right path. It’s people over politics!

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July 27 - 31
Beth will be on KOBE
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Bravo Mic Communications and its family of radio stations have teamed up with Las Cruces Public Schools to raise money to help provide students in low-income families the tools they need in this new educational environment of virtual-based learning and COVID-19 awareness with an all-day radiothon event on Friday, July 31 from 9 am -5 pm.

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General Election - November 3, 2020

My mission is clear! As your representative, I’m committed to focusing on areas of “common ground” that unite rather than divide us. I will working diligently to improve our educational opportunities, economic development, and to creating new hope for you and your family.

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Paid for the committee to elect Beth Miller. Lydia Mabry, Treasurer.